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Biological Decoding

Biological Decoding

" The brain does not tell the difference between what is real, imaginary, virtual or symbolic."

Jacques Martel

In the fall of 2014, I studied Biological Decoding Modules 1-5 with Enrique Bouron to learn how to decode ailments and diseases. Most of all, I learned how the brain works when faced with trauma whether it is physical or emotional.

Since prehistoric times, our amazing brains are always looking out for our survival. When the brain registers an event as unbearable "over-stress" it converts it into a biological state-an illness in the body. This event can be seen on a brain scan and where it is located in the brain determines what disease or illness will transpire. When the conflict is totally resolved,  then the evidence is a sort of scar that's left and the illness healed. 

Biological Decoding is not an alternative to professional medical care and clients need a diagnosis from a Medical Doctor, Naturopath, Dentist, Mental Health Doctor or Chiropractor. Clients taking medications and treatments are advised to follow their physicians orders. They can still be decoded while on these medications. Even if they feel the illness is no longer there, they need to seek guidance from their medical doctor before discontinuing any treatment or medications.

I've also studied Bio-Reprogramming Modules 1-4 with Isabelle Benarous which incorporates Neuro-linguistic programming with Decoding techniques.

Psychogenealogy is another tool I use in Biological Decoding. This is going into the family tree to find if a conflict, or ailment might be passed down from ancestors. I studied with Jason Thompson.

Dental Decoding is another tool in the decoding. I've studied Modules 1-3 with Fabian Brotos. The "secrets" of our family trees are hidden in the roots of our teeth and in our mouth.





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