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Pain Relief, Stress Management, Physical and Emotional Trauma Decoded
About the Practitioner

Susan Kingsbury LMP, PBP, RBI
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Professional Bowenwork Practitioner
Registered Bowenwork Instructor

Biological Decoder


After graduating from The Spectrum Center School of Massage in 2007, I immediately started studying Bowenwork. I love how Bowenwork treats the entire person in a truly holistic way and brings about such deep and lasting healing.

My practice strives at all times to provide relief from chronic pain while offering your nervous system relaxation and stress relief. With Bowenwork, pain relief does not have to be painful.

I utilize Mind/Body Bowen techniques to get to the source of chronic pain held by cellular memory. This brings about positive changes not only in muscle tension patterns, but in the elevation of mood.

I became interested in Bowenwork when I personally experienced its amazingly fast and thorough pain relief. My chronic shoulder pain and torn rotator cuff were limiting my life and Bowenwork changed that. In Bowenwork, we come to expect "miracles" every day.

I have completed training with Enrique Bouron and Jason Thompson to assist with Biological Decoding and Psychogenealogy. This is an amazing study that gets to the root cause of illness, disease, and trauma and is compatible with Bowenwork. If you've "tried everything" and are still suffering, Biological Decoding just might be the answer.

I am also studying Bio-Reprogramming with with Isabelle Benarous which includes neuro-linguistic programming with the Total Biology. Our thoughts, words and perceptions do influence our health and our lives.


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