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6-12-2016 I fell down the stairs 5.5 months ago landing on my tailbone, I was screaming like I'd been murdered the pain was the worst pain I've ever had in my life, I thought I had shattered my spine it was so bad. I've been in extreme pain since then when I sit for any period of time even with a coccyx cushion. Going in the car anywhere would make it a lot worse, I couldn't think to sit in a movie theater or go for dinner with my husband or sit at my desk to work. I had 3 months of acupuncture, which felt good but didn't fix the problem for me, I used an infrared heat lamp which helped the pain a lot, but I wasn't really improving or getting my life back which scared me and after reading many peoples stories I was afraid this was my life now. I was worried my only option would be surgery or having the bone internally manipulated, neither of which I wanted to do.

I have had Bowen therapy in the past for a shoulder injury- it worked very well so I wanted to try it again before going down any invasive paths. I found a fantastic Bowen practitioner, Susan Kingsbury, (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, Washington State). When Susan said she was the "tailbone queen" I leapt for joy. After my first session, I had relief, it still felt very tender but there was a lot of inflammation that had to go down, 3 days later I could sit on my coccyx without a coccyx cushion and even lean back on it, which I couldn't even think to do before.

Its been 6 days now and I can sit on a hard bench, lean back on my tailbone and it feels 99% better. I'm having another session tomorrow, but I know I'm better and I am so happy and grateful. Susan is also in my medical insurance which is amazing to be healed for just my copayment.

I will be eternally grateful to Susan for giving me back my life and I am so thankful to have chosen Bowen therapy to heal this area as it was very gentle and 100% effective for me.

I really hope it can help others with this painful injury. Anonymous from www.coccyxpain.org

"I am healing from chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity and the work I've been doing with Susan has helped me make more progress than I ever imagined possible.

I have been having weekly sessions with Susan of both Bowenwork and Biological Decoding. Immediately I began experiencing huge positive shifts in my body, my energy level and my outlook on life.

Susan's training in Bowenwork and Biological Decoding gives her a very powerful and unique skillset. And how she combines her training with her gift of compassion and acceptance of another's person's journey has been genuinely healing for me.

I now have more energy and I feel stronger. I have been able to resolve emotional wounds that I carried my whole life. The old depression and despair lifted and I have also noticed that the chemical sensitivity is decreasing.  It has been so wonderful to be able to do things that make me happy. The quality of my life has definitely improved.

In fact, Susan has helped me so much that I am now able to attend the Bowenwork Practitioner Training program  that she teaches.

Thank you. I will be forever grateful."  S.A. Arlington, WA

My shoulder pain is sooo much better. thank you!  C.S. Bothell, WA

My period didn't stop and my doctor wanted to do surgery. After my treatment I bled for 4 days and then gone. Now my periods are normal. Bowen is like magic. BM Edmonds, WA

I have seen Pelvic Pain Specialists to no avail. Finally some relief... (name withheld per request)

"I had suffered from chronic Migraines since I was a child. Susan relieved my migraine pain in one session and after 3 sessions I no longer have migraines! Susan also taught me how to do a procedure on myself  if I ever feel a migraine or headache coming on." R.H. Lynnwood, WA

"For 17 years I suffered from sciatic pain and was finding it hard to walk. Much to my surprise my sciatic pain is gone. The best part is that I didn't have to endure pain to get better. Bowenwork feels gentle but it's really very powerful." G.H. Mountlake Terrace, WA

"My wife suffered from TMJ and jaw pain. The doctors had no solutions. Susan Kingsbury helped relieve the pain. I bring my wife every month for a "tune-up" and so far the pain has not returned. Thank you, Susan!" R.G. Lynnwood, WA

"My GERD is under control since seeing Susan. I just plain feel better. Thank you. A.A. Everett, WA

"I suffered right sided groin pain for 25 years. Susan was able to stop the pain completely in just one treatment. She has also helped me with many other problems, such as sinus congestion and heartburn."  L. G.

"For 3 years I was miserable with constant bleeding. My doctor removed my uterine lining and still the bleeding continued. I was put on birth control and still it continued. An ultrasound in March of this year showed approximately 30 cysts on each ovary and a fibroid tumor the size of a baseball. The doctors were out of options except for surgery which I didn't want. After treating with Susan the bleeding has virtually stopped except for an occasional period type bleeding. In July I had another ultrasound which showed all cysts gone and the fibroid tumor gone-and my lining had grown back. Because as the doctor said "they just don't go away", they performed an MRI and yes, everything was gone-except my lining which has grown back. I also have been suffering from constipation and Susan is helping me with that. Bowenwork has returned my life to normal. I can do Pilates again without the gushing and blood clots. Thank you, Susan." D. B. Everett, WA

"I was suffering from a racing heartbeat and was really scared because the doctors wanted to try surgery again. The first one didn't work. After just one session my heartbeat settled down and I can breathe easier too. I suggest everyone try Bowenwork before surgery."  GH. Everett, WA

"Thank you for relieving the nausea associated with my chemo therapy. I can not tell you what a God send that it is."D. A. 

"I had a severe blow to my breastbone and had found it hard to breathe every since. Thank you for changing that in a very positive way. I can run again!"  J. Mill Creek, WA



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